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The Semantics of Collaborative Tagging System
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Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web, Seite 1-10. (2006)

In this paper, we adopt a system-oriented approach to the collabora-tive tagging and define it as a set of interactions in the system of Web re-sources. First, the system of Web resources is modeled as a set of interacting agents and collaborative tagging is represented as concurrent initiation of inter-actions between agents in the system. Also, we define concept of knowledge for individual agents. Later we use concepts of interaction and knowledge to give definition of a Link. Then, for a given Universal Set of Resources, we introduce Tag Cloud System (TCS) and definition of (possibly fuzzy) collections of re-sources. Finally, we introduce concept of Class, based on projection of collec-tions of resources in the TCS, to lay down some of the groundwork towards TCS-based type system.
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