Coronal Mass Ejections, Magnetic Fields, and the Green Corona in Cycle 23

M. Minarovjech, V. Rušin, and M. Saniga. Solar Physics (March 2008)


We study a time – latitudinal distribution of CMEs observed by the SOHO spacecraft, their projected speeds and associated magnetic fields, as well as the north – south N – S asymmetry of solar surface magnetic fields, and the coronal green line intensities. We have found that a there exists an intricate relation between the average projected velocity of CMEs and the mean value of large-scale magnetic fields; b there exists a pronounced N – S asymmetry in both the distribution and the number of CMEs; c this asymmetry is in favor of the northern hemisphere at the beginning of the cycle, and of the southern hemisphere from 2001 onward, being, in fact, d closely related with the N – S asymmetry in the distribution of large-scale magnetic fields and the coronal green line intensities.


CME magnetic field statistics

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