Step 3: Enter publications and bookmarks#

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You may enter bookmarks by using the post bookmark-link in the menu bar and typing the internet adress of the required homepage into the url-box on the coming page.

You can do that more quickly and more comfortable, by using a post bookmark-button, inserted into the bookmark-toolbar of your browser (this feature is described in step 2). Clicking post leads you to some input options like title, description or comment and tags. Also you can regulate for whom this bookmark should be visible. After entering the security code (CAPTCHA), click the save-button to add the bookmark to your library.


To add a publication to your library, press the post publication-button in the menu bar (here, too, you can, as described in step 2, install a button into your browsers bookmark-toolbar).

On the following page, you feed in information about type, title, author(s), editor(s), and release date of the publication. You may enter this data manually, or you type in a BibTeX- or a Endnote-snippet or an ISBN- or DOI-identifier.

Click post to add some more information and tags or to attach a document on the following page.

Learn how to display entered bookmarks and publications in step 4:

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