At BibSonomy there is the general homepage, where you can see posts from other users, and your personal homepage. This one you are only able to see, if you get logged in. Look at the following informations to see, how this pages look like.

Home #

Home is the homepage of BibSonomy, which you see each time you access the website. The page consists of a page header bar with a number of tabs and several other bits of information grouped in three columns: bookmarks, publications, and the side bar. In the left column, bookmarks, a list of all bookmarks that have been posted lately is shown. The middle column, similarly, contains a list of all newest publications posted in the system, while in the side bar you will see latest entries in the blog of the portal as well as the tags that are related to the bookmarks and publications that are shown on the page.

For further information on bookmarks, publication, and tags, please refer to our glossary.

My Home#

The page myHome is your personal page where only those bookmarks and publications are shown that were posted by you. It consists of three columns similar to the columns displayed on the homepage. The tab myHome on the page header bar contains a drop-down menu with further options such as myFriends, myRelations, mySearch, myPDFs, myDuplicates, myBibTeX, my followed Users, and myCV.

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