Finding, selecting and processing literature for seminar works or final thesis#

BibSonomy can help managing your literature for your first publications. Interesting features are:#

  • Collecting publications: Our Tutorials give a comprehensive overview on how to collect and retrieve your publications.
  • Citation formatting help: BibSonomy offers Scrapers and citation input masks to help you correctly manage your citation metadata.
  • Team work: To work with people you trust, and share information only with them, get an overview of it here.
  • Export of publication metadata in different formats: We offer a wide range of different export formats such as BibTeX, EndNote, RDF or HTML. Every BibSonomy page presenting publications provides an "export" button with which you can export the specific collections.
  • Export of bookmarks is possible in RSS, XML and the bookbib formats.

Collecting interesting bookmarks for different topics#

You may find informative resources on the programming language you learn in class, or interesting magazine articles about a topic in your field of interest. To retrieve your information, create a collection of bookmarks.

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