Quality of Service Management on Multimedia Data Transformation into Serial Stories Using Movement Oriented Method

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2011)


Multimedia data transformation into serial stories or story board will help to reduce the consumption of storage media, indexing, sorting and searching system. Movement Oriented Method that is being developed changes the form of multimedia data into serial stories. Movement Oriented Method depends on the knowledge each actor who uses it. Different knowledge of each actor in the transformation process raises complex issues, such as the sequence, and the resulted story object that could becomes the standard. And the most fatal could be, the resulted stories does not same with the original multimedia data. To solve it, the Standard Level Knowledge (SLK) in maintaining the quality of the story could be taken. SLK is the minimum knowledge that must be owned by each actor who will perform this transformation process. Quality of Service management could be applied to assess and maintain the stability and validity of the level of the each system to SLK.

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