Distribution of gene frequencies in a geographically structured population. II. Distribution of deleterious genes and of lethal genes

T. Maruyama. Ann Hum Genet 35 (4): 425-432 (April 1972)


I n my previous paper, I dealt with the neutral and nearly neutral genes in a geographically structured population and obtained approximation formulae for the distribution of gene fre- quencies in the entire population and in a local population (Maruyama, 1972). I n this paper I will discuss the fate of the deleterious genes which arise in geographicallystructured populations. As in the previous paper, I will use two models of population structure : the stepping-stone model and the continuous model. I n Q 2 of this paper the assumption is made that a colony of a one- dimensional population exchanges its members with each of its two neighbouring colonies at the rate ijm and a colony of a two-dimensional population exchanges its members with each of its four neighbouring colonies at the rate &m,and that the migration in a continuous population is isotropical and the variance of the migration distance is &'. These assumptions are not essential but made for simplicity. For further details of the models, see Maruyama (1970, 1971).


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