Contextualized Knowledge Acquisition in a Personal Semantic Wiki

, , , , , and . Knowledge Engineering: Practice and Patterns. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference, EKAW 2008, Acitrezza, Italy, September 29 - October 2, 2008., volume 5268 of LNCS, page 172--187. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, (2008)


The use of semantic representations in document-oriented environments � as formal annotations or embedded instances of a formal knowledge base � is seen as an enabling technology for intelligent services which may help knowledge workers in tasks like finding, structuring, or assessing information. Also, a high level of formalization has potential to directly support problem solving, e.g., by the application of inferencing services. A coupling of textual and formal representations in document-centered knowledge work raises, amongst others, two questions: i) How can the acquisition of formal knowledge in such an environment be facilitated? ii) How can the potential complexity of formal annotations during a document�s life and use cycle be adequately handled? We present the Mymory workbench as an approach to investigate and tackle these challenges. Mymory is based on a semantic wiki system and supports manual as well as automated annotations of wiki documents. These annotations can be framed by automatically obtained models of the user�s work context, establishing situation-oriented structuring of annotations which can be exploited in semantic search and adapted document presentation.

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