Client Forensics: An Assessment of Existing Research And Future Directions

. International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS) 12 (3): 45-54 (October 2018)


This paper provides an assessment of processes for identifying artifacts, left on client devices after a cloud storage interaction. It focuses on those artifacts that may be used to prove usage of a cloud service, as proposed by the current research. Besides providing the current state of knowledge in client forensics, this paper (1) provides a summary of current research in the area of client forensics, (2) presents similarities and differences among proposed processes and identified artifacts, and (3) presents some possible future work. Investigators need to understand how devices and cloud storage services interact, the types of evidential artifacts that are likely to remain on the devices after cloud storage interaction, and how they may be used to prove usage. Not knowing if a cloud service was accessed, or which cloud service or the location of digital evidence can potentially impede an investigation.

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