Spectrum of AKI in Geriatric Population

. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development 2 (6): 1278-1281 (October 2018)


Introduction Geriatric population is increasing worldwide due to increased life expectancy. Therefore the present study was conducted to see the spectrum of Acute Kidney Injury AKI in them. Acute kidney injury AKI is a new consensus term, encompassing a range of kidney diseases of acute onset. Two trials, namely program to improve care in acute renal disease PICARD and beginning and ending supportive therapy BEST for the kidney, confirmed that AKI is a significant contributor toward mortality, morbidity among ICU patients. RIFLE classification scheme and acute kidney injury network AKIN classification scheme have been proposed to achieve early diagnosis of AKI. A new consensus definition merging the criteria has also emerged from the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes. With the application of these criteria, prevalence of AKI in ICU setting is 40 if sepsis is present and the mortality rates varied from 15 to 60 . Longer hospital stay and economic burden are inevitable. In contrast to western literature, few reliable statistics are available regarding AKI in India. We retrospectively evaluated patients with AKI, using the RIFLE criteria, to answer questions regarding most susceptible population, etiology, role of dialysis, outcomes and relation of mortality rate with RIFLE class. Materials and Method This retrospective study included 100 patients above the age of 50 years, in the Department of Medicine under nephrology unit, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital Raipur C.G. , during the period of February 2018 - July 2018 were selected in this prospective study. Patients were analysed based on clinical presentation, biochemical, and sonographic parameters and classified under different categories of renal diseases. Results The mean age of patients was 56.62±5.44 years. There were 65 males and 35 females. Chronic kidney disease was the commonest presentation, seen in 52 of patients. Acute kidney injury accounted for 38 whereas 10 of the patients had nephrotic syndrome. Sepsis and Acute gastroenteritis is the most common cause of AKI in the geriatric patients of our study. Conclusion Only very few studies are available on the spectrum of AKI in older age group. The incidence of AKI is increasing, especially among the elderly. Studies reveal that the elderly suffer higher morbidity and mortality from AKI. Dr. Punit G | Bharti T | Dr. Nikita J | Swati S "Spectrum of AKI in Geriatric Population" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-2 | Issue-6 , October 2018, URL: http://www.ijtsrd.com/papers/ijtsrd18846.pdf

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