, , and . International Journal of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJCSEIT), 1, page 09-19. ACM, (April 2011)


The web has become a resourceful tool for almost all domains today. Search engines prominently use inverted indexing technique to locate the web pages having the users query. The performance of inverted index fundamentally depends upon the searching of keyword in the list maintained by search engine. Text matching is done with the help of string matching algorithm. It is important to any string matching algorithm to locate quickly the occurrences of the user specified pattern in large text. In this paper a new string matching algorithm for keyword searching is proposed. The proposed algorithm relies on new technique based on pattern length and FML (First-Middle-Last) character match. This proposed algorithm is analysed and implemented. The extensive testing and comparisons are done with BoyerMoore, Naïve, Improved Naïve, Horspool and Zhu Takaoka. The result shows that the proposed algorithm takes less time than other existing algorithm.

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