Distributed Semantic Analytics using the SANSA Stack

, , , , , , , , , , and . Proceedings of 16th International Semantic Web Conference - Resources Track (ISWC'2017), (2017)


Over the past decade, vast amounts of machine-readable structured information have become available through the automation of research processes as well as the increasing popularity of knowledge graphs and semantic technologies. A major research challenge today is to perform scalable analysis of large-scale knowledge graphs to facilitate applications like link prediction, knowledge base completion and question answering. Most analytics approaches, which scale horizontally (i.e., can be executed in a distributed environment) work on simple feature-vector-based input rather than more expressive knowledge structures. On the other hand, analytics methods which exploit expressive structures usually do not scale well to very large knowledge bases. This software framework paper describes the ongoing project Semantic Analytics Stack (SANSA) which supports expressive and scalable semantic analytics by providing functionality for distributed in-memory computing for RDF data. The library provides APIs for RDF storage, querying using SPARQL and forward chaining inference. It includes several machine learning algorithms for RDF knowledge graphs. The article describes the vision, architecture and use cases of SANSA.

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