The IUPS Physiome Project: a framework for computational physiology.

. Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 85 (2-3): 551-69 (2004)


The IUPS Physiome Project is an internationally collaborative open-source project to provide a public domain framework for computational physiology, including the development of modelling standards, computational tools and web-accessible databases of models of structure and function at all spatial scales. A number of papers in this volume deal with the development of specific mathematical models of physiological processes. This paper stands back from the detail of individual models and reviews the current state of the IUPS Physiome Project including organ and organ system continuum models, the interpretation of constitutive law parameters in terms of micro-structural models, and markup languages for standardizing cellular processes. Some current practical applications of the physiome models are given and some of the challenges for the next 5 years of the Physiome Project at the level of organs, cells and proteins are proposed.


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