People Tagging and Ontology Maturing: An Enterprise Social Media Approach to Competence Management

S. Braun, C. Kunzmann, and A. Schmidt. International Journal for Knowledge and Learning (2012)


Semantic People Tagging is an Enterprise 2.0-style approach to making expertise and individual capabilities transparent. By combining it with a collaborative ontology editor and thus the possibility to construct a shared vocabulary and understanding, it can be a supplement for cumbersome competence management, or expert nder solutions, which lack acceptance among employees, and suer from outdated data. It gives human resources a timely overview of available and required competencies based on peer reviews and actual usage. However, it also needs to be tailored to the cultural characteristics of a speci c company. Therefore, we have developed a design framework for semantic people tagging. We want to present the general approach based on the ontology maturing concept of gradual formalization and its implementation based on a social semantic bookmarking system. Focus group interviews with HR experts have further yielded insights into the wider context and validated the concept. The system has been introduced and evaluated at a company for career advising.

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