Synergistic and Sliding Mode Controls of Wind Energy Conversion System

, , , and . International Review on Modelling and Simulations (IREMOS) 8 (6): 610 (December 2015)


This paper presents the control scheme of a wind energy conversion system connected to the electrical grid. With the increasing of electrical energy demand, renewables energies, in particular, Wind Energy becomes one of the most used sources and plays an important role. The system is composed by a three blade horizontal wind turbine, a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) which is connected to the network through two converters the Stator Side Converter (SSC) by Direct Current bus and The Grid Side Converter (GSC). The aim is to optimize the extracted energy from the wind. To overcome conventional PI limitations in term of dynamic performances; therefore, both new approaches are applied to the wind turbine. The first is the sliding mode control (SMC) when the second is based on synergetic control. Vector control is applied to the PMSG and integrated to the grid through two converters. Active and reactive power, are controlled by a classical PI controller. Simulation results under Matlab\Simulink confirmed the performance of the proposed SMC and synergetic control in dealing with nonlinear systems with attractive features such as simplicity and good performances.

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