GeoSPARQL is an important standard for the geospatial linked data community, given that it defines a vocabulary for representing geospatial data in RDF, defines an extension to SPARQL for processing geospatial data, and provides support for both qualitative and quantitative spatial reasoning. However, what the community is missing is a comprehensive and objective way to measure the extent of GeoSPARQL support in GeoSPARQL-enabled RDF triplestores. To fill this gap, we developed the GeoSPARQL compliance benchmark. We propose a series of tests that check for the compliance of RDF triplestores with the GeoSPARQL standard, in order to test how many of the requirements outlined in the standard a tested system supports. This topic is of concern because the support of GeoSPARQL varies greatly between different triplestore implementations, and the extent of support is of great importance for different users. In order to showcase the benchmark and its applicability, we present a comparison of the benchmark results of several triplestores, providing an insight into their current GeoSPARQL support and the overall GeoSPARQL support in the geospatial linked data domain.

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