Information Leakage Prevention Using Public Key Encryption System and Fingerprint Augmented with Apriori Algorithm

, and . International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS) 13 (3): 90 - 100 (June 2019)


The increase in the use of the internet around the world provided easier way of communication and information sharing that has led to the huge challenge of data leakage on the network. In an academic environment such as higher institutions of learning, the need to ensure that access to data and sensitive information are given to authorized users become imperative. However, this is not always the case as security bridges are often experienced. This study proposed a RSA public key encryption system and biometric fingerprint augmented with Apriori algorithm to prevent information leakages. The fingerprint verifies the identity of the owner of incoming message and the Apriori algorithm is used as the detection system instead of biometric that requires additional hardware for detecting fingerprint. This study developed a system based on the proposed algorithm. The developed system was tested on Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro local area network achieving a high level of security that prevents interception of valuable data by intruders or eavesdroppers. The system developed RSA public key encryption and fingerprint augmented with Apriori algorithm thus provided the required security mechanism that prevents information leakage in a public environment.

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