Fully Secure and Efficient Data Sharing with Attribute Revocation for Multi-Owner Cloud Storage

, and . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (2): 835--838 (February 2015)


Now a days, a lot of users are storing their data’s in cloud, because it provides storage flexibility. But the main problem in cloud is data security. Cipher text-Policy Attribute-based Encryption (CP-ABE) is regarded as one of the most suitable technologies for data access control in cloud storage, because it gives data owners more direct control on access policies. In this work to propose a data access control for multi-authority for verifying the integrity of an un-trusted and outsourced storage by third party auditor. In addition, this project propose method based on probabilistic query and periodic verification for improving the performance of audit services. It ensures efficiency of security by protecting from unauthorized users. These experimental results not only validate the effectiveness of these approaches, but also show our audit system verifies the integrity with lower computation overhead and requiring less extra storage for audit metadata

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