Optimising sweeping techniques for Olympic curlers. (Abstract)

, , and . Sports Engineering 9 (4): 240-240 (2006)Accession Number: SPHS-1064292; Author: Marmo, Brett A.: 1 Author: Buckingham, Mark-Paul: 2 Author: Blackford, Jane R.: 3 ; Author Affiliation: 1 University of Edinburgh: 2 University of Edinburgh: 3 University of Edinburgh; Conference: International Conference on the Engineeing of Sport (6th : 2006 : Munich, Germany).; No. of Pages: 1; Language: English; Parent Item: SPHP62570; General Notes: The full papers are published in: Haake, S. and Moritz, E.F. (2006) the Engineering of Sport 6. Volume 3: Developments for Innovation. Springer, New York, ISBN 978-0-387-34680-9. Chapter 6: Human factors.; Publication Type: Journal article; Material Type: PRINT; Update Code: 20071101; SIRC Article No.: S-1064292.

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