iMRK: Demonstrator for Intelligent and Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Manufacturing

, , , , , , , , , , , and . KI -- Künstliche Intelligenz 31 (2): 203--207 (May 2017)


This report describes an intelligent and intuitive dual-arm robotic system for industrial human-robot collaboration which provides the basis for further work between DFKI (Robotics Innovation Center) and Volkswagen Group (Smart Production Lab) in the field of intuitive and safe collaborative robotics in manufacturing scenarios. The final robot demonstrator developed in a pilot project possesses multiple sensor modalities for environment monitoring and is equipped with the ability for online collision-free dual-arm manipulation in a shared human-robot workspace. Moreover, the robot can be controlled via simple human gestures. The capabilities of the robotic system were validated at a mockup of a gearbox assembly station at a Volkswagen factory.

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