A survey of Palaearctic Dictynidae (Araneae). 1. Taxonomic notes on Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939, Brigittea Lehtinen, 1967 and Lathys Simon, 1884

, , and . Zootaxa 3925 (1): 129--144 (2015)


A new species, Dictynomorpha daemonis sp. n. (♂) is described from South Kazakhstan and a new diagnosis is suggested for Dictynomorpha Spassky, 1939. The genus is redelimited and its type species D. strandi Spassky, 1939 redescribed. Three Dictynomorpha species are transferred to Ajmonia Caporiacco, 1934 and three new combinations are suggested: Ajmonia smaragdula (Simon, 1905) comb. n., Ajmonia bedeshai (Tikader, 1966) comb. n. and Ajmonia marakata (Sherriffs, 1927) comb. n. Brigittea Lehtinen, 1967 is removed from the synonymy with Dictyna Sundevall, 1833 and its composition is discussed. The type species of Brigittea, B. latens (Fabricius, 1775) is synonymized with B. latens mutabilis Spassky & Shnitnikov, 1937. Lathys spasskyi Andreeva & Tyshchenko, 1969 is removed from the synonymy with L. stigmatisata (Menge, 1869). New illustrations and distribution data are provided for Lathys truncata Danilov, 1994. Lathys mussooriensis Biswas & Roy, 2008 is transferred from Dictynidae to Amaurobiidae and tentatively placed in Himalmartensus Wang & Zhu, 2008, the new combination is suggested: Himalmartensus mussooriensis (Biswas & Roy, 2008) comb. n.

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