Coordinated Resource Management Models in Hierarchical Systems

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2013)


In response to the trend of efficient global economy, constructing a global logistic model has garnered much attention from the industry .Location selection is an important issue for those international companies that are interested in building a global logistics management system. Infrastructure in Developing Countries are based on the use of both classical and modern control technology, for which the most important components are professional levels of structure knowledge, dynamics and management processes, threats and interference and external and internal attacks. The problem of control flows of energy and materials resources in local and regional structures in normal and marginal, emergency operation provoked information attacks or threats on failure flows are further relevant especially when considering the low level of professional ,psychological and cognitive training of operational personnel manager. Logistics Strategies include the business goals requirements, allowable decisions tactics, and vision for designing and operating a logistics system .In this paper described the selection module coordinating flow management strategies based on the use of resources and logistics systems concepts.

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