Aerodynamic Effects in Ink-Jet Printing on a Moving Web

, , , and . International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, 2, page 412–415. Society for Imaging Science and Technology, (2012)


The airflow between the fast-moving substrate and stationary print heads in a web print press may cause print quality issues in high-speed, roll-to-roll printing applications. We have studied the interactions between ink drops and the airflow in the gap between the printhead and substrate, by using an experimental flow channel and high-speed imaging. The results show: 1) the gap airflow is well approximated by a standard Couette flow profile; 2) the effect of gap airflow on the flight paths of main drops and satellites is negligible; and 3) the interaction between the gap airflow and the wakes from the printed ink drops should be investigated as the primary source of aerodynamically-related print quality issues.


Society for Imaging Science and Technology

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