The VisANT tool, accessible from any recent Java-enabled browser, is a platform-independent, flexible, Web-enabled program for quick and simple construction, visualization, and analysis of molecular and higher order networks based on functional (e.g., expression profiles, phylogenetic profiles) and physical (e.g., yeast two-hybrid, chromatin-immunoprecipitation) relations from either the Predictome database or user-defined data sets. Analysis capabilities include identification of feed-forward and -back loops, shortest paths, and node degree distribution. Additionally, network constructs can be saved, accessed, and shared online. VisANT is able to develop and display meta-networks for meta-nodes that are structural complexes or pathways (soon including nodes representing any kind of dense cluster). Further, VisANT supports a growing number of standard exchange formats and database referencing standards, e.g., KEGG/KGML, BioPAX (in progress), GenBank, Gene Ontology. Multiple species are supported to the extent that computed or experimental evidence of interactions or associations are available (i.e., public datasets or Predictome database).


Analyzing networks with VisANT. [Curr Protoc Bioinformatics. 2004] - PubMed result

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