Teachers Knowledge Understanding Ability and Implementation of Competency Based Approach in the Teaching of Geography in Secondary Grammar Schools in the South West Region of Cameroon

. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development 3 (5): 2468-2474 (August 2019)


This paper was designed to assess whether the adoption of Competence Based Approach CBA to improve the quality of secondary education in Cameroon is a dream or reality. Resistance to change and reluctance to implement national curriculum have been identified as one of the reasons for falling standard in education. The researcher sought to find out if geography teachers are aware or equipped with knowledge understanding and the ability to effectively implement the CBA in the teaching learning process.The study utilised both quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection. Questionnaires were used for data collection from teachers and from form four students only. Interviews was administered to the Regional and Divisional Pedagogic inspectors as well as the principals of schools. A non participating observation was carried out by the author. The samples consisting of 320 geography teachers as well as 120 students were drawn from the six divisions of the South west region of Cameroon. The data collected was analysed using frequency counts and percentage.The findings revealed that geography teachers were not trained or sensitized enough prior to the adoption of Competence Based Approach. Consequently, they do not have the knowledge and understanding of the concept of Competence Based Approach. This has led to their inability to implement it effectively. They are seriously lacking in using those teaching methods that are apt with the implementation of the CBA as expected of them.The author concludes that geography teachers often show resistance and lack of commitment in the implementation of curriculum reforms because of ignorance. The author recommends the adoption of grass root approach to curriculum development and implementation involving all stakeholders including teachers who would implement the curriculum in future. Frequent and regular service trainings are also recommended. Tanyi Ndansi Clive "Teachers' Knowledge, Understanding, Ability and Implementation of Competency-Based Approach in the Teaching of Geography in Secondary Grammar Schools in the South West Region of Cameroon" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-3 | Issue-5 , August 2019, URL: https://www.ijtsrd.com/papers/ijtsrd28035.pdf Paper URL: https://www.ijtsrd.com/humanities-and-the-arts/education/28035/teachers%E2%80%99-knowledge-understanding-ability-and-implementation-of-competency-based-approach-in-the-teaching-of-geography-in-secondary-grammar-schools-in-the-south-west-region-of-cameroon/tanyi-ndansi-clive

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