In a day from days, when the famous x is lengthened to x_2 and lost its virginity... Hey-o! Here comes the danger up in this club again. Listen up! Here's the story about a little guy, that lives in a dark world and uses power of wisdom as a torch to find way in darkness; and all day and all night and everything he sees is just illusion. I have been working about the laws of existence for a time. I developed new formulas which were based on a strong mechanism over philosophical hypotheses. Nobody can answer easily; but I thought many times better mathematical infrastructure. Actually at the beginning, I noticed, that a fixed observer does observation of moving bodies being the bodies do a circular motion because of emerging and changing angles over time even if the objects move parallel manner relatively to the observer at that time . This would not happen accidentally even if abstract math says, nothing is going to change. Eureka! Finally while I was in a cafe today, I remembered and developed in a few hours a new method on some note papers which I demanded from cafe to explain existence, and thereupon I asked to my friends for leave, and I am writing towards morning in the name of giving a shoulder to the tired giants. The ancients smile on me!

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