The creation of spin-off firms at public research institutions: Managerial and policy implications

, , , and . Research Policy 34 (7): 981--993 (September 2005)


We consider the managerial and policy implications of the rise of spin-offs at public research institutions (PRIs), based on a knowledge-based view (KBV) of the firm. This framework highlights the importance of knowledge in the creation and development of spin-offs. We argue that in order to understand the development of spin-offs, researchers should focus on “knowledge gaps” these new ventures encounter. Knowledge gaps can occur at different levels of aggregation, including the PRI, spin-off, team, individual, incubator, and at different stages of spin-off development. Based on this framework, we synthesize findings from previous studies and papers in the special issue and offer some suggestions for additional research on spin-offs from PRIs.

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