A Formal Definition of Dynamic Structure Hybrid Simulation Model

. 2008 22nd Workshop on Principles of Advanced and Distributed Simulation, page 149. (June 2008)


Summary form only given. The heterogeneous flow system specification (HFSS) is a modular formalism able to describe hybrid hierarchical models with a time-varying structure. The HFSS support for structural changes ranges from the addition/deletion of components and connections to the representation of mobile components. While using a traditional representation of discrete event systems, HFSS introduces the concept of generalized sampling to achieve the description of continuous signals. Sampling is treated as a first order concept being explicitly supported. We present the semantics of the HFSS formalism by introducing the new concept of HFSS component. This concept makes a clear distinction between model and component that have been usually employed interchangeably in M&S. The herein developed concept of component introduces a novel abstraction in modeling and simulation and we expect it can contribute to extend the modeling and simulation ontology.


A Formal Definition of Dynamic Structure Hybrid Simulation Model - IEEE Conference Publication

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