Design and Development of Network Monitoring and Controlling Tool for Department of Computer Studies CSIBER

, , and . International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 3 (3): 1237--1243 (March 2015)


In most of the organizations it is highly desirable to perform different tasks on different machines based on their configuration and permissions assigned to the machines for execution of different tasks. This can be achieved by performing a user-machine mapping by stating clearing the list of tasks that can be performed by a particular user on a particular machine. This kind of discipline further enables traffic control, prevents internal DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks for legitimate users and helps in fair resource sharing. The intent of this research is to enable the end user performing only the tasks permissible to him/her. In this paper we have developed a network monitor and control tool for monitoring the tasks on a medium sized local area network. To facilitate this, task permissions are assigned to different machines which is stored in XML configuration file which is then parsed using JDOM (Java Document Object Model) Parser. The configuration file contains the details such as machine name, and the list of tasks not permitted on that machine. The list of machines and the list of tasks denied on that machine is configurable by an end user. A background thread will continuously monitor the execution of illegal task on a machine and will abort and report the same in a database. This also facilitates the control of network traffic thereby improving the network performance by aborting illegal tasks. Network monitoring tool is tested for local area network of department of computer studies at SIBER by setting up specific monitors to check status and to carry out specific operations. The tool developed by us requires a small amount of system resources, and it is an open source tool. Presently, the tool generates a report comprising of a list of illegal tasks in a specified time period, which enables network administrator to take corrective measures for the smooth operation of the network

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