Tackling the Curse of Prepayment – Collaborative Knowledge Formalization Beyond Lightweight

V. Zacharias, and S. Braun. 1st Workshop on Incentives for the Semantic Web (INSEMTIVE), 7th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2008, October 27th, 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany , (2008)


This paper argues for collaborative incremental augmentation of text retrieval as an approach that can be used to immediately show the benefits of relatively heavyweight knowledge formalization in the context of Web 2.0 style collaborative knowledge formalization. Such an approach helps to overcome the "Curse of Prepayment"; i.e. the hitherto necessary but very large initial investment in formalization tasks before any benefit of Semantic Web technologies is visible. Some initial ideas about the architecture of such a system are presented and it is placed within the overall emerging trend of "people powered search".

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