AWright-ADL for Aspectual Component Composition Platform

, , , and . International Symposium on Computer Science and Computational Technology, 2008. ISCSCT '08, 2, page 383--386. IEEE, (December 2008)


Aspectual component composition platform needs a new kind of language to support the description and verification of the software architecture. Based on the extension of Wright, this paper proposes an aspectual components composition architecture description language-AWright. Since Wright fails to describe system�������`s non-functional requirements and lacks corresponding elements for describing the coupling relationship between non-functional and functional requirements, the description of aspectual components, pointcuts and advices are introduced into AWright. Finally, this paper uses a medical diagnosis system described both in Wright and AWright as a case study to illustrate superiority of AWright over other architecture description languages and to show its description ability and support for aspectual component composition platform.

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