Concept of a Tool Wrapper Infrastructure for Supporting Services in a PLE

T. Nelkner, W. Reinhardt, and G. Attwell. 1st International Workshop on Learning in Enterprise 2.0 and Beyond , volume 383 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, (2008)


As one of the most relevant way of learning after apprenticeship is the informal learning an implementation of a PLE should try to support the learner by mashing up services and tools of every day work, creates cross links between them and gives motivation and support for personal and individual style of learning. This paper presents implementations and ideas for the whole collection of necessary pieces of software to provide a PLE in a bottom up manner. A server implementation is introduced which is based on a SOA approach and which includes an extractor for metadata of file objects. This module is furthermore able to run a semantic analysis on unstructured texts which results in for example in high-quality keywords and identification of persons. Taking this as technical background the social functions are explained which are identified as the functions a PLE is supposed to provide more than any knowledge management or e-learning software. Closing, these functions are converted in ideas of possible implementations of tools and services, back up by graphical mock-ups.

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