Implementation and Compliance Benchmarking of a DGGS-enabled, GeoSPARQL-aware Triplestore

D. Habgood, T. Homburg, N. Car, and M. Jovanovik. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Geospatial Linked Data 2022 , page 63--75. CEUR-WS, (June 2022)


We set out to determine the feasibility of implementing Discrete Global Grid System (DGGS) representations of geometry support in a GeoSPARQL-enabled triplestore, and test the GeoSPARQL compliance for it. The implementation is a variant of Apache Jena’s existing GeoSPARQL support. Compliance is tested using an adapted implementation of the GeoSPARQL Compliance Benchmark testing system developed previously to test for GeoSPARQL 1.0 compliance. The benchmark results confirm that a majority of the functions which were set out to be implemented in the course of this paper were implemented correctly and points out possible future work for full compliance.

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