MTMonkey: A Scalable Infrastructure for a Machine Translation Web Service

, , , and . The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics (October 2013)


We present a web service which handles and distributes JSON-encoded HTTP requests for machine translation (MT) among multiple machines running an MT system, including text pre- and post-processing. It is currently used to provide MT between several languages for cross-lingual information retrieval in the EU FP7 Khresmoi project. The software consists of an application server and remote workers which handle text processing and communicate translation requests to MT systems. The communication between the application server and the workers is based on the XML-RPC protocol. We present the overall design of the software and test results which document speed and scalability of our solution. Our software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 licence and is available for download from the Lindat-Clarin repository and Github.

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