In this article we collect several results related to the classical problem of two-dimensional motion of a particle in the field of a central force proportional to a real power of the distance r. At first we generalize Whittaker's result of the fourteen powers of r which lead to intergrability with elliptic functions. We enumerate six more general potentials, including Whittaker's fourteen potentials as particular cases (Sections 2 and 3). Next, we study the stability of the circular solutions, which are the singular solutions of the problem, in Whittaker's terminology. The stability index is computed as a function of the exponent n and its properties are explained, especially in terms of bifurcations with other families of ordinary periodic solutions (Sections 4, 5 and 7). In Section 6, the detailed solution of the inverse cube force problem is given in terms of an auxiliary variable which is similar to the eccentric anomaly of the Kepler problem. Finally, it is shown that the stable singular circular solutions of the central force problem generalize to stable singular elliptic solutions of the two-fixed-center problem. The stability and the bifurcations with other families of periodic solutions of the two-fixed-center problem are also described.

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