An SOM-based Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System

M. Su, C. Yang, S. Lin, D. Huang, Y. Hsieh, и P. Wang. International Journal on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications (IJSCAI) 2 (4): 13 (августа 2013)


Recently, a number of applications of automatic facial expression recognition systems havesurfaced in many different research fields. The automatic facial expression recognition problem is a very challenging problem because it involves in three sub-problems: 1) face detection, 2) facial expression feature extraction, and 3) expression classification. This paper presents an automatic facial expression recognition system based on self-organizing feature maps, which provides an effective solution to the aforementioned three sub-problems. The performance of the proposed system was computed on twowell-known facial expression databases. The average correct recognition rates were over 90%.

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