Image Compression Through Combination Advantages From Existing Techniques

, , and . International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS), 11 (2): 14-20 (April 2017)


The tremendous growth of digital data has led to a high necessity for compressing applications either to minimize memory usage or transmission speed. Despite of the fact that many techniques already exist, there is still space and need for new techniques in this area of study. With this paper we aim to introduce a new technique for data compression through pixel combinations, used for both lossless and lossy compression. This new technique is also able to be used as a standalone solution, or with some other data compression method as an add-on providing better results. It is here applied only on images but it can be easily modified to work on any other type of data. We are going to present a side-by-side comparison, in terms of compression rate, of our technique with other widely used image compression methods. We will show that the compression ratio achieved by this technique tanks among the best in the literature whilst the actual algorithm remains simple and easily extensible. Finally the case will be made for the ability of our method to intrinsically support and enhance methods used for cryptography, steganography and watermarking.

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