Reducing Attributes in Rough Set Theory with the Viewpoint of Mining Frequent Patterns

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2013)


The main objective of the Attribute Reduction problem in Rough Set Theory is to find and retain the set of attributes whose values vary most between objects in an Information System or Decision System. Besides, Mining Frequent Patterns aims finding items that the number of times they appear together in transactions exceeds a given threshold as much as possible. Therefore, the two problems have similarities. From that, an idea formed is to solve the problem of Attribute Reduction from the viewpoint and method of Mining Frequent Patterns. The main difficulty of the Attribute Reduction problem is the time consuming for execution, NP-hard. This article proposes two new algorithms for Attribute Reduction: one has linear complexity, and one has global optimum with concepts of Maximal Random Prior Set and Maximal Set.

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