A Disruptive Contexts Model for Mobile Commerce Systems

M. Hooper, and P. Sant. International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing (IJUC) 3 (1): 1-15 (October 2018)


Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important within the on-line purchasing cycle. Thus the requirement for mobile commerce systems to become truly context-aware remains paramount if they are to be truly effective under different situations typical with mobility. This report investigates consumer physical and modal contexts and presents findings as to their relationships and potential influence upon m-commerce related behaviours. We show that through an understanding of the relationship between a user's affective state and level of purchase-decision involvement, a model of engagement can be produced. Through the introduction of the novel concept of disruptive contexts we show a significant effect upon these relationships and propose a system of engagement for the optimization of context-aware m-commerce recommender systems.

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