What if you want to learn more about neural networks, methods of pattern recognition, computer vision, and in-depth training? One of the obvious options is to find some courses for yourself and begin to actively study the theory and solve practical problems. However, this will have to allocate a significant amount of personal time. There is another way – to turn to the “passive” source of knowledge: to choose literature for yourself and immerse yourself in the topic, giving it only half an hour-hour per day. Therefore, wishing to make life easier for ourselves and our readers, we made a short compilation of books, articles, and texts on the direction of neural networks and in-depth training recommendations for readers GitHub, Quora, Reddit and other platforms. It included materials for both those who are just beginning to get acquainted with neurotechnologies, and for colleagues who want to expand their knowledge in this field or simply pick up “easy reading” for the evening.

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