A Fuzzy Rough Rule Based System Enhanced By Fuzzy Cellular Automata

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2013)


Handling uncertain knowledge is a very tricky problem in the current world as the data, we deal with, is uncertain, incomplete and even inconsistent. Finding an efficient intelligent framework for this kind of knowledge is a challenging task. The knowledge based framework can be represented by a rule based system that depends on a set of rules which deal with uncertainness in the data. Fuzzy rough rules are a good competitive in dealing with the uncertain cases. They are consisted of fuzzy rough variables in both the propositions and consequences. The fuzzy rough variables represent the lower and upper approximations of the subsets of a fuzzy variable. These fuzzy variables use labels (fuzzy subsets) instead of values. An efficient fuzzy rough rule based system must depend on good and accurate rules. This system needs to be enhanced to view the future recommendations or in other words the system in time sequence. This paper tries to make a rule based system for uncertain knowledge using fuzzy rough theory to generate the desired accurate rules and then use fuzzy cellular automata parallel system to enhance the rule based system developed and find out what the system would look like in time sequence so as to give good recommendations about the system in the future. The proposed model along with experimental results and simulations of the rule based systems of different data sets in time sequence is illustrated.

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