Statistical Analysis of the Demographic Ageing Process in the EU Member States, Former Communist Countries

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2012)


The aim of this paper is to make an analysis and a comparative study of the demographic ageing process in the former communist countries which are currently EU member states. Taking into account the complexity of the phenomenon, the study approaches only a part of the indices involved in this process. According to the structure of the population on groups of ages and sexes, the population pyramid is built and in this context we carried out various analyses and comparisons among countries. Further we approach determining demographic factors for the ageing process of the population, as for example the evolution of the young population, the mortality rate and the life expectancy and the changes in the population structure are pointed out with the help of the demographic dependency rate. There have been made a series of statistical correlations and predictions which allowed for a more concrete explanation of the evolution of the demographic ageing phenomenon.

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