Logical Foundations of (e)RDF(S): Complexity and Reasoning

, and . Proceedings of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference and 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference (ISWC/ASWC2007), Busan, South Korea, volume 4825 of LNCS, page 85--98. Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer Verlag, (November 2007)


An important open question in the semantic Web is the precise relationship between the RDF(S) semantics and the semantics of standard knowledge representation formalisms such as logic programming and description logics. In this paper we address this issue by considering embeddings of RDF and RDFS in logic. Using these embeddings, combined with existing results about various fragments of logic, we establish several novel complexity results. The embeddings we consider show how techniques from deductive databases and description logics can be used for reasoning with RDF(S). Finally, we consider querying RDF graphs and establish the data complexity of conjunctive querying for the various RDF entailment regimes.

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