Xcerpt and visXcerpt: Twin Query Languages for the Semantic Web

S. Berger, F. Bry, O. Bolzer, T. Furche, S. Schaffert, and C. Wieser. Proceedings of 3rd International Semantic Web Conference, Hiroshima, Japan (7th--11th November 2004) , (2004)


Query and transformation languages such as XPath, XQuery and XSLT have evolved to standard development tools for Web applications. Arguably those languages are not fully suited for Semantic Web applications. The query and transformation languages Xcerpt and visXcerpt have been conceived with both standard Web and Semantic Web applications in mind. They are twin languages both based on the same paradigms and principles. Xcerpt realizes these paradigms and principles textually, visXcerpt visually. A mixed standard Web and Semantic Web application scenario implemented in Xcerpt and visXcerpt is presented. Xcerpt and visXcerpt are ongoing research projects; prototypic implementations of the languages are available.

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