Research of Malevolent Node in CGSR Network

. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development 2 (4): 550-554 (June 2018)


Detection of malevolent nodes is required to be studied in detail because wireless network work on dynamic topology, many types of problems arise in the network. Each node transmits the message from one node to another node and transfers the source to the build between the nodes. A MANET is a group of multi-hop wireless ad networks. Each node communicates in a radio communication range and adhoc network is a collection of wireless networks. MANET has applied in various types of military, disaster prone areas. MANET is weak due to various attacks due to its open medium. Destination in wireless network . This network is not perfectly safe and secure. Each device in MANET is free to move independently in any direction. Since the nodes are free to move, any node can connect or discard the network at any time. Neha | Ranjan Kumar Singh"Research of Malevolent Node in CGSR Network" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-2 | Issue-4 , June 2018, URL: http://www.ijtsrd.com/papers/ijtsrd13028.pdf http://www.ijtsrd.com/engineering/information-technology/13028/research-of-malevolent-node-in-cgsr-network/neha

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