MeNZB: a safe and highly immunogenic tailor-made vaccine against the New Zealand Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B disease epidemic strain

, , , , , and . Vaccine 23 (17-18): 2191--6 (March 2005)PMID: 15755593.


Clinical studies have been conducted in New Zealand evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of an outer membrane vesicle (OMV) vaccine, MeNZB, developed to control epidemic disease caused by group B meningococci, subtype P1.7b,4. MeNZB, administered in a three-dose regimen, was well tolerated and induced a seroresponse, defined as a four-fold rise (\textgreater or =titre 8) in serum bactericidal antibodies against the vaccine strain 4-6 weeks after the third vaccination, in 96\% (95\% confidence interval (CI): 79-100\%) of adults, 76\% (95\% CI: 72-80\%) of children, 75\% (95\% CI: 69-80\%) of toddlers and 74\% (95\% CI: 67-80\%) of infants receiving MeNZB. In conclusion, these findings suggest that MeNZB is safe and is likely to confer protection against systemic group B meningococcal disease caused by the epidemic strain.

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