Performance Analysis on Mobile Agent Based Congestion Control Using AODV Routing Protocol Technique with Hop by Hop Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Network

, and . International Journal of Ad hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous Computing (IJASUC) 3 (2): 16 (April 2012)


In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) congestion occurs due to the packet loss and it can be successfully reduced by involving congestion control scheme which includes routing algorithm and a flow control at the network layer. In this paper, we propose to agent based congestion control technique for MANETs. In our technique, the information about network congestion is collected and distributed by mobile agents (MA) A mobile agent based congestion control AODV routing protocol is proposed to avoid congestion in ad hoc network. Some mobile agents are added in ad hoc network, which carry routing information and nodes congestion status.When mobile agent travels through the network, it can select a less-loaded neighbor node as its next hop and update the routing table according to the node’s congestion status. With the aid of mobile agents, the nodes can get the dynamic network topology in time. By simulation results, we show that our proposed technique attains high delivery ratio and throughput with reduced delay when compared with the existing technique.

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