One Genius' Lonely Crusade to Teach a Computer Common Sense

. Wired online Article, (Mar 24, 2016)


Rather than spend that trillion-dollar budget on very large, very mobile, and very well protected warships, it suggested Lenat build hundreds of tiny ships that carried ample firepower but didn't move much and weren't well protected. This common sense engine is called Cyc, and after three decades of work--basically since that last game of Traveler--Lenat says it's ready for the real world. On the strength of neural networks--a technology that can actually learn tasks by crunching vast amounts of digital data--AI has entered a new golden age. This movement came to head last week when AlphaGo, an artificially intelligent machine built by researchers at Google, used neural networks to beat one of the world's best players at the game of Go, the ancient Eastern pastime that's exponentially more complex than chess.

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