Application of Expert System with Fuzzy Logic in Teachers’ Performance Evaluation

. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA) (2011)


This paper depicts adaptation of expert systems technology using fuzzy logic to handle qualitative and uncertain facts in the decision making process. Human behaviors are mostly based upon qualitative facts, which cannot be numerically measured and hardly to decide correctly. This approach is an attempt to cope with such problems in the scenario of teachers’ performance evaluation. An Expert System was developed and applied to the acquired knowledge about the problem domain that showed interesting results providing a sketch for students and researchers to find solutions of such types of problems. Through Fuzzy Logic we numerically weighted the linguistic terms, like; very good, good, bad, or high, medium, low or satisfied, unsatisfied by assigning priorities to these qualitative facts. During final decision making, key parameters were given weights according to their priorities through mapping numeric results from uncertain knowledge and mathematical formulae were applied to calculate the numeric results at final. In this way this ES will not only be useful for decision-makers to evaluate teachers’ abilities but may also be adopted in writing Annual Confidential Reports (ACR) of about all the employees of an organization.

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