Características del inglés de los términos económico-financieros: un enfoque traduccional

, and . Entreculturas: revista de traducción y comunicación intercultural (2013)


Nowadays the translation from English to Spanish of financial terms $\backslash$nhas focused, mainly, on the terms usually used in the markets, due to the great $\backslash$nimportance that these institutions have acquired inside the economic systems. $\backslash$nNevertheless, there exists a field of Finance, neighbouring Economic Theory, $\backslash$nwhich provides few corpuses so developed as the first ones. For this reason, $\backslash$nwe will begin by dealing in depth with the general characteristics of the English $\backslash$nfinancial terms. This classification will be our framework in order to achieve $\backslash$nthe two aims of this paper. Firstly, this paper tries to detect the needs of $\backslash$ntranslation of the most abstract financial terms; and, secondly, it attempts to $\backslash$noffer a proposal of translation of them, or a wider information about the $\backslash$nexisting ones. To accomplish such purposes, this work lies on the translational $\backslash$ncurrent of Terminology and tries to identify some gaps in the financial English $\backslash$nwhich require a certain intervention.

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